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Geneva, Ontario County

Administration: (315) 789-6828
Children's Programs: (315) 789-6850

Canandaigua, Ontario County

Adult Programs: (585) 394-9510
Children's Programs: (585) 394-1190
Toll free: (866) 408-2550

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Autism Services of the Finger Lakes

In the Finger Lakes area, Happiness House offers an array of services to individuals of all ages exhibiting characteristics of or diagnosed with Autism.

Evaluation Services

The Diagnostic and Treatment Clinic provides individuals with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options while minimizing needless travel. The evaluation team includes licensed Psychologists/and or Physicians with experience with evaluating children who may be on the Autism Spectrum.

Early Childhood Educational Services

Happiness House offers a full day integrated preschool program designed specifically for children with Autism using a behavioral approach to meet the unique needs of children on the Autism Spectrum at both the Geneva and Canandaigua locations.

Preschool to School-Age Transition services are provided by the Autism Coordinator ensuring that the transition into primary school is as seamless as possible by working closely with the family, child and school district.

Children and Adult Community Based Services

Clinical Therapy services including Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy provided center or community based.

Service Coordination services to assist individuals and their families in locating and accessing supports and services they need to reach their fullest potential.

Community Habilitation provides a one on one service to children and adults in their home and/or community to assist them reaching their fullest potential through the development of individualized services plans with the individual and their family.

Respite is a care service (for a child or adult) provided to families who have an individual with Autism residing in their home.

Care Giver Support Services

Finger Lakes Parents Supporting People with Autism is a monthly support group which provides education, activities and socialization opportunities for individuals with Autism and for those who care for them.

Autism Respite Training is offered on an on-going basis to individuals who offer respite or child care to someone on the Autism Spectrum.

The Family Reimbursement Program provides families with reimbursement for equipment, diets and child care associated with meeting the needs of a family member with Autism.

For more information about Happiness House Autism Services, please contact:

Katie McGowen, MSEd, Autism Coordinator at (315) 789-6828 ext. 7158 or kmcgowen@happinesshouse.org

Jill Mundy, Autism Specialist at (315) 789-6828 or jmundy@happinesshouse.org.

731 Pre-emption Road
Geneva, Ontario County, NY 14456

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5415 County Road 30
Canandaigua, Ontario County, NY 14424